Hey, there.🥳 My name is Yungang Zhu. You can also call me Leo. This article was written on September 29th, 2022. At that time, I have graduated from SCAU for just one year, and worked as a web crawler engineer in GuangZhou, Guangdong Province.

Actually, I have come up with this idea of writing my personal blog very long before, and at first, I want this blog to be a knowledge base to record what I learned in work and study. However, it was abandoned after I wrote two passages. I clearly remember that one of these two articles was talking about the “String in Python” and another was the records about my cats (I have held two, quite cute. Maybe you can see them in future articles).

For reasons I left the previous blog, perhaps my lazyness mainly needs to be blamed 🤪, and also, taking notes in my blog, especially study notes, is quite painful for me. It always makes me feel like taking notes in the school lessons although there aren’t any teachers talking in front of me 😂. I believed that more practices are more useful for me.

Thus, this blog will be filled with what I truly wanna write down, anything, anytime, anywhere, and with my two cats, riding my bike.